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Located in the heart of Brussels, the BELvue is more than a museum about Belgium and its history. As a centre for democracy, the BELvue wants to develop a historical awareness. It is a place to experience history and democracy. We encourage critical reflections on the great importance of and commitment to democracy, and so contribute to improving trust in democratic values. The BELvue is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.

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Museum about Belgium

The modern and interactive display in our permanent exhibition will give you a better insight into Belgium and our society. The approach is thematic. Seven rooms revolve around seven social themes: democracy, prosperity, solidarity, pluralism, migration, language and Europe. How did Belgium come about? And what makes a Belgian? We bring history to life in sound and vision, and combine it with a contemporary perspective. In our temporary exhibitions, too, we always make a link with the country's history, heritage or current events.

In the BELvue, history is not an end in itself, but a means of understanding our society.

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Surprising Belgian objects

In our gallery, more than 200 objects bring the Belgium of yesterday and today to life. With their chronological arrangement, which starts in the nineteenth century, they form a material memory of our country. It's an extremely varied collection of everyday utensils, works of art, design pieces, well-known brands, scientific inventions, references to top sporting achievements and objects from Belgian's rich folk culture.

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Centre for democracy

The BELvue wants to be a place of meetings and exchanges around democracy and all kinds of related themes. It is not without reason that the museum is located in Brussels, the capital of Belgium and Europe, next to the Royal Palace and close to the country's major institutions.

As part of our educational service, seconded teachers and education specialists develop all kinds of activities – exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and lectures – about topics such as democracy, history and justice. These activities are aimed at the diverse audience that the BELvue welcomes through its doors, including schools, (future) teachers, youth associations, families, older people and people with disabilities. The BELvue aims to be there for everyone, so all activities are free or offered at a very affordable price.


A project by the King Baudouin Foundation

Managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, the BELvue was created as a place where visitors, and especially young people, can learn about and better understand Belgium, its history, its socio-economic development and the workings of its institutions. Employing a theme-based approach and with a modern, interactive exhibition layout, the museum offers visitors the keys to understanding Belgium and Belgian society.


Les Filles@BELvue: organic, local gourmet restaurant


Come and buy nice Belgian gadgets, or the varied offer connected with our temporary exhibitions. You don’t even need a ticket!

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Plan your visit

On your own or with a whole school? Less mobile? On foot, by metro or by car? We have set out everything for you.
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Did you know?

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Birthday @Museum

Celebrating your birthday at BELVUE means playing, learning and fun. You're sure to have an unforgettable afternoon with a delicious snack!


The BELVue is accessible to all. Discover all about our customised tours, discounts, free entry on Wednesday afternoons and more.

Educational service

A workshop on politics? A hands-on exhibition about democracy? A pedagogical dossier about our colonial past? Check out our offer!