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BELvue museum:Environmental responsibility

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Our commitments

Addressing the challenges of today while planning for the future is an integral part of BELvue’s mission. Our approach is simple: to ensure that sustainability is at the heart of our daily operations. Raising awareness among our staff and our external providers, as well as the general public, are key elements of this concept.

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We welcome visitors every day and it’s vital that we offer them an engaging experience, while also encouraging more eco-friendly gestures. This involves taking concrete action, such as the use of selective recycling bins, encouraging the use of public transport to get to the museum and even giving visitors the chance to return their brochures so that they can be redistributed.

Providing a quality experience also means selecting partners and suppliers who share our vision of sustainability. This approach is especially visible in our catering, whether it’s a menu created in our restaurant or by our partners during private events. We place a strong emphasis on the sustainable and reasonable use of resources, with a preference for local, seasonal and certified products.

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Another challenge lies in transforming our listed building, which dates back to the 18th century, into an economical and sustainable museum that’s fit for the 21st century. Numerous improvements have already been implemented, especially with regards to lighting, water consumption, and the heating and ventilation systems. The electricity we consume is already 100% renewable thanks to our supplier, BEE.

In addition to the actions we are taking today, we are also proactively looking at tomorrow’s challenges, including the future of our building. This is why we are currently conducting a number of assessments and feasibility studies related to energy. From insulation to heat recovery, from solar panels to the recovery of rainwater, we strive to align our museum with the challenges of the century.

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Finally, there would be no sustainability policy without the constant involvement of our workforce. From maintenance to reception, from gardening to building management, the staff at the BELvue Museum are actively involved in developing our processes and solutions. Furthermore, we work hard every day to be more inclusive and accessible, while taking responsibility for our impact on the environment.

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Green Key label

In 2023, the BELvue Museum is proud to have been awarded the Green Key label, which highlights the sustainable commitments we have made.

Green Key
is the first quality label that promotes sustainable travel, business meetings and leisure. It is present on five continents and in 60 countries, from Belgium to South Africa. More than 3,600 sites have been awarded the label.

Green key label

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Accessibility is at the heart of our values. To enable everyone to visit our permanent exhibition, we offer free admission every first Sunday of the month and all Wednesday afternoons.

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