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Inclusivity is a key topic for the BELvue. We want everyone to feel welcome with us.
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The BELvue has different levels of accessibility for people with reduced mobility. There are ramps, lifts, an adapted visitor itinerary and disabled toilets. To discuss how we can best facilitate your visit, please contact us beforehand.

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Blind or visually impaired people can follow our sensory trail to get to know the history of Belgium. Objects to touch and embossed maps with explanations in Braille, combined with our digital audio guide, make a visit to the BELvue an interactive experience.

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For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, the digital audio guide for adults reads the texts aloud. Additionally, all videos are subtitled and throughout the museum there are screens and signs with explanations. Younger visitors (aged 9 to 12) can follow the game trail using the heritage app "On the road with Zeno" thanks to videos with Flemish sign language.

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Access-i informs people with special needs about the LEVEL of accessibility of places open to the public. An Access-i contains 7 boxes each representing a category of persons with special needs. The accessibility level of a space open to the public is determined for each of these categories.

When the colour of the box is:

  • green: the site is accessible in autonomy. The visitor can benefit without help from all the services and amenities present.
  • orange: the site is accessible with occasional help. The visitor can benefit from all the services and amenities present with, sometimes, depending on the situation, the help of a third person.
  • white: an information sheet is available. To know if he will be able to benefit from the services and amenities present, the visitor is encouraged to consult the sheet of the location or event.

Check out the BELvue technical sheet.

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Due to our central location, we are easily accessible by public transport (bus, metro, tram, train).

If you come by car, it is best to park in one of the underground car parks nearby (Albertina, Troonplein, Hertogstraat).

Parc, Trône, Porte de Namur, Central Station
92, 93
27, 38, 71, 95
Rue des Sols (Albertine), Place du Trône, Rue Ducale

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