-General terms and conditions of sale

BELvue museum:General terms and conditions of sale

General terms and conditions of sale

1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable to any purchase of a visit or workshop via the Service defined in Article 3 and offered on the BELvue Museum website, with any general terms and conditions of the Purchaser not applying.

Any amendment, derogation or addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is only applicable with the express written approval of the BELvue Museum.

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not apply to the other activities of the BELvue Museum, to which specific general conditions, where applicable, shall apply in full.

2. BELvue Museum contact details

King Baudouin Foundation

BELvue Museum

Foundation of public benefit

Registered office: Brederodestraat 21, B-1000 Brussels

Brussels company registration: 0415580365

3. Definition of Service and Recipients

The Service is understood to be the on-line exhibition (guided or unguided) visit or workshops sold by or under the responsibility of the BELvue Museum and offered on the BELvue Museum website, accessible via http://www.belvue.be

The Service is intended both for private individuals in their capacity as consumers (that is, acquiring or using the products/services via the Service for entirely non-professional purposes), educators or professionals, and for legal entities (hereinafter the ​“Purchaser(s)”).

4. Conclusion of Agreement and Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

The visits and workshops submitted for purchase via the Service in no way constitute a contractual offer such that simply the intention demonstrated by the Purchaser to buy them, outside the order placement process detailed below, cannot in itself give rise to a contractual relationship.

However, completion of the order process described below does contractually bind the Purchaser, with the BELvue Museum only being validly bound towards the Purchaser as from sending confirmation of its acceptance of the order by the BELvue Museum, also described below and via validation of actual payment by the online payment services provider, or the actual reservation of a workshop

Without prejudice to the above, the BELvue Museum is authorised at all times and without prior notification, to suspend the sale of visits and amend the terms and conditions or the price range, it being understood that these modifications shall have no effect on orders the BELvue Museum has previously accepted.

By completing and validating the order form, it is understood that the Purchaser accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, in addition to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the BELvue Museum website, appearing on its website.

The BELvue Museum reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Sale without notification. New amended General Terms and Conditions shall apply immediately, except in respect of orders already accepted by the BELvue Museum and that continue to be governed by the General Terms and Conditions in effect at the date of confirmation.

5. Order Placement Procedure

1) Select time and ticket

The Purchaser selects the day and time of his or her visit. The Purchaser then chooses one or more tickets of their choice, optionally along with educational tools, and adds them to the basket.

2) Check order

The Purchaser checks his or her order in the next step. If the order is correct, the Purchaser clicks the “Next” button.

3) Place order as a guest or log in/register

The Purchaser can place the order as a guest and must fill in some details, or the Purchaser can choose to log in, if he or she has an account, or to create an account. The Purchaser must agree to the general terms and conditions of sale and the privacy statement.

4) Check information

The Purchaser checks whether all entered information is correct and places the order, if desired.

5) Payment

The Purchaser can proceed to payment of the order via the EnvisoPay payment platform. Once payment is complete, the e-ticket can be downloaded in PDF format from the webshop. The e-ticket will also be sent by e-mail.

6) Right of withdrawal

Under Article VI.53(12) of the Code of Economic Law, no right of withdrawal is applicable after payment.

7) Ticket

Your ticket is only valid for the day and the museum or exhibition indicated on it.

The ticket must be presented upon request. It may not be taken back or refunded (including in case of loss or theft), nor may it be exchanged or resold. Tickets may not be resold or transferred for commercial purposes.

In order to prevent misuse, any loss or other problem related to tickets must be reported to us as soon as possible before the visit by e-mail ([email protected]).

It is not required to print the e-tickets ('print at home') that you receive with your online order. You can show your barcode on your smartphone before your visit.

In addition to paper tickets, printed versions of e-tickets or e-tickets on smartphones are also accepted at the entrance to the museum or exhibition. If e-tickets are used, access to the museum or exhibition will be granted to the first person to present the original.

Do not buy your ticket on the street. It is possible that it is a counterfeit ticket. You can be refused access at any time.

Do not buy your ticket through used ticket or auction sites. The barcodes on these tickets will be rejected, which means that the ticket holder will be denied access.

6. Order placement procedure for workshops

1) Booking a workshop

The Purchaser goes on the BELvue Museum website and choses a workshop from the educational activities section. On the workshop page there is a link to the booking module for workshops on fixed dates, or a document to fill for workshops on request

For workshops with fixed dates, the Purchaser selects a date, enters the number of participants and the type of class that will follow the workshop and clicks next. If possible, the Purchaser then fills in the specific class for which the workshop is booked. Finally, the Purchaser clicks on “add to basket”.

The Purchaser Buyer checks that all information is correct and then clicks on next. In the next step, the Purchaser must either register or log in if the Buyer already has an account.

To register, the Purchaser is asked to enter his or her contact details (surname, first name, address, etc.) and his or her email-address and a password in order to be able to sign in on the website. The Purchaser can use his or her username and password later for new bookings.

After logging in, the Purchaser checks whether all entered information is correct and places the order. Once the order has been completed, the booking receipt can be downloaded in PDF format from the webshop. The booking receipt will also be sent by e-mail.

For workshops on request, the Purchaser fills in all the requested information on the form and clicks the “Submit” button.

2) Cancelling the booking :

The Purchaser may cancel the activity without charge up to thirty-five business days prior to the date on which the activity takes place by sending an e-mail to edubel@​belvue.​be with ​‘Cancellation of an activity' in the subject line and the surname, first name and full address of the Purchaser, as well as the name of the activity, the date, time and number of people. If the activity is cancelled less than thirty-five business days before the date of the activity, a €300 cancellation fee will be charged. If the group does not show up for the activity, a €300 cancellation fee will be charged.

7. Proof

Notwithstanding any proof in writing or stored in another lasting medium to which the Purchaser may have access, it is hereby agreed that the electronic records kept in the BELvue Museum’s IT systems, its host or payment partner constitute the proof of communication, the order's content and all transactions between the parties.

8. Price

The prices indicated on the BELvue Museum website are denominated in euro and include VAT.

The BELvue Museum reserves the right to verify, at any time, that a Purchaser belongs to a category enjoying beneficial rates.

9. Delivery

The order shall be delivered in the form of a PDF document by e-mail to the electronic address stated by the Purchaser in the order process.

10. Delivery Times

The BELvue Museum shall ensure that it processes the order at the earliest opportunity.

In the event the Purchaser were to provide proof as envisaged in Article 2 that the order had not been delivered within 30 calendar days after receipt of the payment by the BELvue Museum or after validation by the online payment service provider, the Purchaser may cancel his or her order, without compensation, provided he or she sends notification of said cancellation by e-mail or registered letter to the relevant address set out in Article 17 of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Any sums the Purchaser may already have paid will be repaid within 30 days of reception of the cancellation request.

11. Absence of Right of Waiver

In accordance with the Belgian Royal Decree of 18 November 2002, the consumer does not have the right of waiver envisaged in Article 80 of the Belgian Law of 14 July 1991 regarding trading practices and consumer information and protection..

12. Payment

At the time of the order, the Purchaser chooses one of the payment means offered on the BELvue Museum website. If paying by credit card (Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard), the BELvue Museum shall charge the transaction to the account at least seven business days after delivery of the product or conclusion of the service agreement.

A private individual placing an order via the BELvue Museum website is recognised as the sole party responsible for this order and its payment, even if placed on behalf of a third party.

13. Languages

The BELvue Museum offers the online order procedure to Purchasers in four languages:

- French

- Dutch

- English

- German

14. Filing

The agreements concluded via the Service are stored by the BELvue Museum but are not accessible to third parties (including Purchasers).

15. Privacy statement

In accordance with the Privacy Statement on the BELvue Museum website, to which directed, the BELvue Museum undertakes to comply with the Belgian Law of 27 April 2016 on the protection of privacy and regarding the processing of personal data.

16. Disputes

Any dispute over the use of the Service and the application or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is governed solely by Belgian law. The courts of Brussels shall have sole competence in the event of a dispute.

17. Customer Service and Complaints

To monitor an order and/or for any question or possible complaint, the Purchaser can contact the:

King Baudouin Foundation
BELvue Museum
Brederodestraat 21
1000 Brussels
Tel.: 02 500 45 54
E-mail: info@​belvue.​be