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Artfood Traiteur offers carefully prepared, 100% homemade, creative and seasonal cuisine for all your private or professional events.

Artfood and its team put all their experience and know-how at your service to make your events a success. Whether the event is private or professional, Artfood is your preferred catering partner.

Artfood provides inventive, 100% homemade cuisine and is committed to a climate friendly approach by ensuring at least 20% of its products are seasonal, organic and local. Artfood is certified by Certysis and is the only caterer to have been awarded 3 stars by the Ecodynamic Enterprise label.

In addition to its gastronomic quality, Artfood also stands out through the quality of its service, offering tailored guidance from the development of the concept to its implementation on the day itself


Céline Hayette

02 732 33 85

[email protected]


Seated dinner

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Birthday @Museum

Celebrating your birthday at BELVUE means playing, learning and fun. You're sure to have an unforgettable afternoon with a delicious snack!

Educational service

A workshop on politics? A hands-on exhibition about democracy? A pedagogical dossier about our colonial past? Check out our offer!