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Looking for… THE END OF THE WORLD! A climate expedition aboard the ‘Belgica’

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04/10/23 - 04/02/24

The King Baudouin Foundation is celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition, the scientific expedition aboard the Belgica, by inviting visitors to the BELvue Museum to embark on a climate expedition. During this voyage, visitors will learn how the planet, as we currently inhabit it, is reaching the limits of its resources, but also that each and every one of us can play a part in creating a new, sustainable world.

The exhibition will begin by recalling the extraordinary human challenge represented by the voyage and wintering of the polar ship 'Belgica' on the 'White Continent', and the fabulous scientific treasure trove brought back by Captain Adrien de Gerlache's crew. These men, from 6 different countries, were the authors of the first major scientific expedition to Antarctica, where they went without any territorial or commercial ambitions.

But the Antarctic as discovered by the men of the Belgica is not the same as it is today: melting ice, species in peril... Similarly, the world in which we live is reaching the limits of its resources, whose exploitation is causing major climate disruption. The exhibition will take the pulse of a planet on its last legs, challenging humans to ensure their own survival.

So it's time to become active citizens of a new world, where everyone, as individuals and as members of the human community, takes action to create sustainable living conditions for all. The exhibition will offer the public practical and concrete ways of taking action in favour of a world where new perspectives are opening up.