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Traiteur De Haene

Culinary passion, serving your business.

As a partner of companies and institutions in Brussels, Traiteur De Haene specialises in high-quality catering services for corporate receptions and professional meals. Our savoir-faire: putting the passion for the culinary arts at the service of the corporate world. Our difference: A more targeted choice for gastronomic guidance for companies. We respond quickly and comprehensively, and search for excellence to meet your quality requirements. After all, catering is an important element of any company's image.


Loïc De Haene

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Birthday @Museum

Celebrating your birthday at BELVUE means playing, learning and fun. You're sure to have an unforgettable afternoon with a delicious snack!

Educational service

A workshop on politics? A hands-on exhibition about democracy? A pedagogical dossier about our colonial past? Check out our offer!