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Marmaille&Co Fun Bag

Booking mandatory (1 bag per family)


Go on an adventure with Marmaille's Fun Bag, developed for the whole family. Together with Mani the spider, you are invited to invent crazy stories, observe rare objects with a telescope or explore the halls in a different way... becoming little and big experts on Belgium and its history. A playful museum experience with guaranteed fun!

Designed to be used in a simple and 100% autonomous way by families, the bag consists of three universal game mechanisms that can be adapted to children and adults. The whole family can therefore play together!

  • Tell me dice stories: To invent crazy stories in the museum and develop creativity.
  • It’s up to you: a game of observation of the museum using different tools.
  • Guessing game: a fun way to get to grips with the collections and works discovered during the visit.

Practical information

  • 1 € (entrance tickets not included)
  • For families with children aged 6 to 12
  • Reservation mandatory (one bag per family)


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