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Community Service Learning (CSL) is a form of education that links social engagement with theoretical knowledge. The community-based approach to learning enables students to gain a better understanding of social and cultural issues by immersing themselves in the environment. The integration of theory and practice builds critical thinking skills, increases motivation and encourages learners to become active citizens in their communities.

As a centre for democracy, the BELvue aims to promote citizenship education and to support teachers in doing so. This guide is based on the CSL methodology, which has its origins in the European framework of citizenship and democratic values. The manual helps teachers who want to set up a citizenship project with their pupils. The method is based on 20 core principles, including the development of knowledge, critical thinking and various other skills and attitudes. Teachers can also adapt the content to their curricula to create meaningful learning experiences.

This original document by the Zentrum fir Politesch Bildung (ZPB) was integrally translated into Dutch and French by BELvue, with certain modifications to adapt it to our educational context.

This manual is only available in Dutch and French.