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Visit-Quiz : Made in BELgium?

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Visit available on request.

E-Guides offers you a quiz tour that guarantees you an entertaining and interesting time at the BELvue.  Play Q&A with the guide and (re)discover some of the great periods of Belgian history through fascinating objects that were or still are part of the daily life of the Belgians.
Are the essential "passe-vite", the old waffle iron or the timeless Atoma notebook still in use or have they been relegated to the back of a cupboard? Who invented the saxophone?  What was the name of the first steam locomotive made in Belgium? Playing cards, crystal, fashion, industry, ... there is something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the creativity and design "made in Belgium" over the years.

The quiz can be based on different themes (to be chosen at the time of booking): Arts, Belgian inventions, Everyday objects, Unusual, Celebrating women, Great brands, Gastronomy, Education, Industry.