Night visit BELvue museum

BELvue/Frank Toussaint

Organise an exclusive visit of the BELvue Museum! The museum lets you discover Belgium and its history through seven social themes and a gallery of over 200 “Belgian” objects.

Opting for an evening visit means you and your group get the museum all to yourselves, with the dusk visit being a super-special treat. The museum is located in a former luxury hotel built in the 18th century that has been renovated magnificently. It offers a stunning view of the adjacent Royal Palace and the Mont des Arts/Kunstberg.

You have various options available to ensure your evening visit is an unforgettable one. Every package includes closure of the museum for the evening to everyone apart from you and your group, as well as entrance tickets to the BELvue for all participants.

Autonomous visit
Guided visit
Autonomous visit + cocktail
Guided visit + cocktail
Visit "Afterwork"
Every evening
Starting time: at 7 pm at the latest
Visit "Afterwork": during the week between 5pm and 7pm