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1. General

This website is managed by the BELvue, a project managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, a foundation of public benefit, with registered offices at Rue Brederode 21, 1000 Brussels, entered in Brussels Register of Legal Entities under company number 0415 580 365.
These terms and conditions apply to (the ‘Website’). By accessing and using the Website, you undertake to accept and abide by these terms and conditions.

2. Access to and use of the website

Each time you access and use the Website, you undertake not to use the Website illegally, for example for the transmission or posting of viruses or illegal or unlawful or inappropriate material, and also not to use the Website or parts thereof in a way that infringes rights, including, but not limited to, the rights of the BELvue and of third parties in the area of intellectual property.

3. Intellectual property rights

All software, databases, texts, photos, films, images, data, names, trade names, domain names, brands, designs, models, logos and other information on the Website (‘Information’) are protected by intellectual rights belonging to the BELvue or third parties. The Information may not be reproduced (except for temporary reproduction of a transitory or incidental nature with a view to lawful use with no independent economic value), amended, published, distributed or sent out, sold, made available or otherwise transferred, nor may any rights to the Information be granted to third parties, without the prior written consent of the BELvue.

4. User liability

If any right of the BELvue or third parties (including the partners of the BELvue, the authors and beneficiaries of Information displayed on the Website) is infringed through the use of this Website or parts thereof, you shall compensate the BELvue and all third parties and indemnify them in respect of any claim, loss or liability of any kind, including consequential loss, that may arise.

5. Information on the website and via messaging

Information offered via the Website or via messaging may be incorrect or incomplete. The BELvue does its best to operate as accurately as possible, but is not responsible for the correctness, reliability, timeliness, accuracy or other property of the information. The information is provided without any form of guarantee. The BELvue is not liable for viruses or other information that could cause damage to the user or third parties and dismisses any liability for damage this may cause.

6. Links to other websites

The Website may contain links to websites or web pages of third parties or refer to these in some other way. The BELvue has no say over the content of these websites or web pages and is not liable for the content or features thereof. The placing of links by the BELvue in no way implies approval of the content thereof.

7. Privacy

See our privacy policy.

8. Purchase-sale & Ticketing

See our general terms and conditions of sale.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

The Website is governed by Belgian law, with the exception of contrary provisions of mandatory law. In the event of a dispute, the courts of the district of Brussels shall have sole jurisdiction.

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General terms and conditions of sale

1. Scope

These General Terms and Conditions of Sale are applicable to any purchase of a visit or animation via the Service defined in Article 3 and offered on the BELvue internet site, with any general terms and conditions of the Purchaser not applying.

Any amendment, derogation or addition to these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is only applicable with the express written approval of the BELvue.

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale do not apply to the other activities of the BELvue, to which specific general conditions, if the case, shall apply in full.

2. BELvue Contact Details
King Baudouin Foundation


Foundation of public benefit
Registered office: Rue Brederode 21, B-1000 Brussels.
Brussels company registration
Company number: 0415 580 365

3. Definition of Service and Recipients s

The Service is understood to be the on-line exhibition (guided or unguided) visit or animation purchasing service sold by or under the responsibility of the BELvue and offered on the BELvue internet site, accessible via

The Service is intended both for private individuals in their capacity as consumers (that is, acquiring or using the products/services via the Service for entirely non-professional purposes) or professionals and for legal entities (hereinafter the "Purchaser(s)").

4. Conclusion of Agreement and Acceptance of General Terms and Conditions

The visits or animations submitted for purchase via the Service in no way constitute a contractual offer such that simply the intention demonstrated by the Purchaser to buy them, outside the order placement process detailed below, cannot in itself give rise to a contractual relationship.

However, completion of the order process described below does contractually bind the Purchaser, with the BELvue only being validly bound towards the Purchaser as from sending confirmation of its acceptance of the order, also described below and via validation of actual payment by the electronic payment service provider.

Without prejudice to the above, the BELvue is authorised at all times and without prior notification, to suspend the sale of visits and amend the terms and conditions or the price range, it being understood that these modifications shall have no effect on orders it has previously accepted.

By completing and validating the order form, it is understood that the Purchaser accepts these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, in addition to the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use of the BELvue Internet Site, appearing on its website.

The BELvue reserves the right to amend these General Terms and Conditions of Sale without notification. New amended General Terms and Conditions shall apply immediately, except in respect of orders already accepted by the BELvue and that continue to be governed by the General Terms and Conditions in effect at the date of confirmation.

5. Order Placement Procedure

The Purchaser goes to the section of BELvue’s internet site dedicated to the service of arts and exhibitions that it organises and clicks on the "Ticket On Line" link. The order placement procedure follows the eight stages set out below. Each stage is successively completed by clicking on the "Next step" icon. If during the order procedure the Purchaser wants to modify an aspect of this, he or she clicks on the "Previous step" icon. Upon confirmation, described in Article 5. 6), the Purchaser binds him or herself contractually.

Any order placed via the Service is considered definitive at the end of the seven stages described below.

1) Choice of Visit Date, Visitor Numbers and Visit Type:

The Purchaser chooses the date of visit, number of visitors and type of visit desired (guided or unguided) and clicks on the "Next step" icon to continue with the order. In the event of choosing too large a number of visitors, the Purchaser is advised of this via a pop-up window that states the maximum number of visits that can be ordered.

2) Choice of Visit Time:

After having chosen the date and the number of visits desired, the Purchaser is asked to choose the time at which he or she would like to make the visit(s). The reservation system allows the booking rate to be seen for each of the time slots available upon placing the order. After choosing the time of the visit, the Purchaser clicks on the "Next step" icon to continue with the order.

3) Entry of Purchaser's Electronic Address:

The Purchaser is then asked to enter any offer code and the e-mail address at which to receive (1) order confirmation and (2) the electronic ticket corresponding to the entire order, once the Purchaser's payment has been received by the BELvue or validated by the electronic payment service provider.

After entering the e-mail address and, if applicable, offer code, the Purchaser clicks on the "Next step" icon to continue with the order.

4) Specific Visit Features:

The Purchaser enters the specific features of the order: visitor category or categories and, if applicable, the audio guides and/or catalogue(s) intended to be reserved.

5) Purchaser Contact Details:

The Purchaser is asked to enter his or her corresponding contact details (surname, first name, address, etc.) and continues with the order by clicking on the "Next step" icon.

6) Order Details and Confirmation:

A web page detailing the order (summary of your reservation) placed by the Purchaser is provided for confirmation purposes.

The order details include:

- the date and time of visit(s); and

- the unit price of each type of visit, catalogue and audio guide, with the total price of the order including VAT and the reservation fee.

The Purchaser can correct or change an order by clicking on the "Previous step" icon.

If the Purchaser wants to continue with the order, he or she confirms acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Privacy Policy by ticking the appropriate box and clicking on the "Confirm Reservation" icon. He or she then receives an e-mail confirming the order.

In the event of an error being identified in the order, an error message is displayed at that time.


7) Payment:

In this last stage, the Purchaser is asked to make the payment for the order:

- by payment at the counter of the BELvue; or

- by secure on-line payment means made available via the Ogone payment service provider. In this case, in accordance with the means of payment chosen by the Purchaser, he or she shall be asked to enter and validate various items of banking information and/or data relating to his or her credit card, as appropriate. At this stage, the Purchaser can still cancel the order by clicking on the "Cancel" icon.


8) Order Implementation:

Once the Purchaser's payment is validated by the electronic payment service provider, the Purchaser receives an e-mail containing the electronic ticket in the form of a PDF document for the entire order at the earliest opportunity.

6. Proof

Notwithstanding any proof in writing or stored in another lasting medium to which the Purchaser may have access, it is hereby agreed that the electronic records kept in the BELvue’s IT systems, its host or payment partner constitute the proof of communication, the order's content and all transactions between the parties.

7. Price

The prices indicated on the BELvue website are denominated in euro and include VAT.

The BELvue reserves the right to verify that a visitor belongs to a category enjoying beneficial rates at any time.

8. Delivery

The order shall be delivered in the form of a PDF document by e-mail to the electronic address stated by the Purchaser in the order process.

Depending on the case, the PDF file printed by the Purchaser constitutes one or more documents giving the right to visit the exhibition at the place, date and time stated. It is only valid if printed with a laser or inkjet printer on a white A4 sheet of paper, blank on both sides and in portrait (vertical) orientation. In no circumstances may it be presented in any other medium.

Given there are bar codes in the PDF document that have to be scanned when entering the exhibition, good print quality is essential. If the PDF document is only partially printed, or if dirtied, damaged or illegible, it shall be considered invalid. In the event of bad print quality or an incident relating to the PDF document, the Purchaser must reprint it.

9. Delivery Times

The BELvue shall ensure that it processes the order at the earliest opportunity.

In the event the Purchaser were to provide proof as envisaged in Article 6 that the order had not been delivered within 30 calendar days the electronic payment service provider validating the payment to the BELvue, the Purchaser may cancel the order, without compensation, via notification of this by e-mail or recorded delivery post to the relevant address in Article 16 of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale.

The sums the Purchaser may already have paid would be repaid within 30 days of reception of the cancellation request.

10.Absence of Right of Waiver

In accordance with Belgian's Royal Decree of 18 November 2002, the consumer does not have the right of waiver envisaged in Article 80 of Belgium's Act of 14 July 1991 regarding trading practices and consumer information and protection..

11. Payment

At the time of the order, the Purchaser chooses one of the payment means offered on the BELvue website. If paying by credit card (Visa or Eurocard/Mastercard), the BELvue shall charge the transaction to the account at least seven business days after delivery of the product or conclusion of the service agreement.

A private individual placing an order via the BELvue website is recognised as the sole party responsible for this order and its payment, even if placed on behalf of a third party.

12. Languages

The BELvue offers the on-line order procedure to Purchasers in four languages:

  • French
  • Dutch
  • English
  • German

13. Filing

The agreements concluded via the Service are stored by the BELvue but are not accessible to third parties (including Purchasers).

14. Privacy Statement

In accordance with the Privacy Policy on the BELvue website, to which directed, BELvue commits itself to comply with Belgium's Act of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection regarding the processing of personal data.

15. Disputes

Any dispute over the use of the Service and the application or interpretation of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is governed solely by Belgian law. The courts of Brussels shall have sole competence in the event of a dispute.

16. Customer Service and Complaints

To monitor an order and/or for any question or possible complaint, the Purchaser can contact the:

King Baudouin Foundation
Brederodestraat 21,
B-1000 Brussels

Tel.: + 32 (0) 2 545 08 03
Fax: + 32 (0) 2 512 46 23


Privacy disclaimer

1. General
This website is managed by the BELvue, a project managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, a foundation of public benefit, with registered offices at Rue Brederode 21, 1000 Brussels, entered in Brussels Register of Legal Entities under company number 0415 580 365.

2. Grounds for processing personal information
Access to and use of this website and the electronic messages of the BELvue imply your express acceptance of this privacy policy. If you visit this website and provide the BELvue with your personal details, you are giving the BELvue your express, written consent to gather, use and process your information in accordance with the defined purposes. You are entitled, if data processing is based on your consent, to withdraw your consent at any time without stating why.
Furthermore, the BELvue is entitled to gather and process your personal information as long as this is necessary to meet a requirement imposed by law, to implement an agreement to which you are a party, to carry out our mission to provide a public service, to safeguard your vital interests or to protect a legitimate interest of the BELvue.

3. What personal information is processed?
Among others, the BELvue processes the following personal information.
3.1. Expressly specified information: the information expressly specified by you, including first name, surname, e-mail address, date of birth, place of residence, address, contact details, messages, etc.
3.2. Information gathered automatically: automatically gathered information such as your IP address, browser type and operating system of your computer and other automatically generated information relating to your visit to the website.
3.3. Cookies: during your visit, cookies may be placed in your computer to better tailor the website to the wishes and preferences of our visitors. Acceptance of cookies is not compulsory; and you may at any time, via your browser settings, prevent cookies from being placed in your computer, receive warnings before cookies are installed or remove installed cookies from your computer at the end of each browser session. For details on how to do this, see your web browser’s instructions.

4. Purposes of the processing
Your personal information is processed with a view to the functioning of the website, analysing the visit, sending newsletters, maintaining relations, processing requests and orders for goods and services, including ticketing, and the associated processing and further follow-up.
Your personal information may be passed on to partners of the BELvue. Your personal information will not be processed for direct marketing purposes without your express, prior consent.

5. Right to access and improvement & changes in the privacy policy
You are entitled to inspect and correct your personal information at any time. To do this, please submit a dated request via the details below, accompanied by a copy of your ID card. Any changes in the privacy policy will be notified via this page. You undertake to check this page regularly.

6. Corporate details with a view to establishing contact
For information on the privacy policy and to exercise your right to inspect and correct your personal information, please contact us via

King Baudouin Foundation

Rue Brederode 21
1000 Brussels

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