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DébatBELut / DebatBELut

This workshop is only available in Dutch and French.
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Guided tour

2 (t)huizen, 1 museum: guided tour

Discover the BELvue museum in a different way: through Minoo, Leila, Saad, Ikram, Aïssatou & Zouheir's eyes! The BELvue worked in partnership with FMDO to train several people with an immigrant background to tell their life stories based on...
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Educational tool

Educational project focusing on politics and debate. Topic: Getting young people involved in politics

For an entire school year, more than 400 young people from the last two years of secondary education in Brussels and some thirty teachers will get involved in debates and politics.
Educational tool

EDUbox Financial education

The EDUbox is a classroom tool teachers can use to help make two financial education topics – personal finance and money in the world – fun and interactive for their pupils.
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Game tour

The tour of the BELvue!

In small groups, students visit one of the museum’s theme-based rooms and, just like a guide, explain what they have learned to the rest of the class. Afterwards, they embark on a tour of the BELvue!
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Guided tour

Ciao amici: walking tour in Brussels

Since the end of the 1940s, the Italians have influenced our history and our daily life, and not only by pasta and the Chianti!
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More info in French and Dutch.
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Autonomous tour

Autonomous school visit to the permanent collection

Visit the BELvue museum with a class! In order to facilitate the organisation of your welcome and your visit, we ask you to book your class visit here.
Mimi momo
Game tour

Mimi & Momo

Mimi & Momo need you! Help Mimi to find the objects hidden in the museum. As for Momo, he only recognises black, yellow and red. Can you show him all of the colours? An adventure through Belgium and its history with plenty of things to see and touch!