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EDUbox Financial Education

The EDUbox Financial Education is actually a double EDUbox around one theme: money. The two boxes can be used separately from each other, but the combination of the two offers additional insights and added value.

1. EDUbox Money and me

This EDUbox is about the importance of money in life. It allows pupils to think and discuss the value of money and other things in life. But it also shows how individual choices determine what they spend their money on and what factors influence those choices.

2. EDUbox Money in the world
Where is the money in the world and what is our economic system like? With this EDUbox, pupils learn about the roles of the various actors in the economy. What is inflation? Is our system able to cope with a crisis such as the coronavirus? VRT expert Michaël Van Drogenbroeck, among others, explains.

How to receive them ?

EDUboxes can be ordered free of charge here or you can download the digital versions via the links below. Please also kindly note that these EDUboxes are only available in Dutch (analog & digital versions) and in French (digital version only).

These EDUboxes are developed in collaboration with VRT NEWS, Wikifin School (FSMA) and the National Bank of Belgium.

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