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Mixwithlove Creative Kitchen

Mix your wish, mix with taste, mix our creativity, mix with love. Full catering services for businesses and individuals.

Giving is receiving... And to receive your guests well during your professional or family events, use a catering service that is focused on giving everything. Our leitmotif? Putting an extra touch of flair and creativity in our dishes, and providing unparalleled service. Our love for the profession is reflected in the wide range of menus we offer, with either traditional dishes or ones with flavours from afar. Contact us for more information.

(Orders from 10 to 100 people)


Florence Langman

02 512 47 03

[email protected]



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Birthday @Museum

Celebrating your birthday at BELVUE means playing, learning and fun. You're sure to have an unforgettable afternoon with a delicious snack!

Educational service

A workshop on politics? A hands-on exhibition about democracy? A pedagogical dossier about our colonial past? Check out our offer!