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Committed to sustainability for the sake of the planet and its inhabitants.

Les Filles are certified 100% organic. Our choice of local and seasonal products from small producers is no accident, but a commitment to our customers, both in our restaurants – including those in the BELvue – and at the events we organise for you. Vegetables come first, although we also like to serve high-quality meat, bred in conditions that are in line with our values. Hospitality, generosity and conviviality are characteristic of our services. Our dishes are homemade and we offer them in the form that suits you best: as a seated meal, at a cocktail party or a walking dinner. From the plates to the decoration, we deliver a hand-crafted and personalized event, thanks to our cheerful and attentive team.



Seated dinner

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Birthday @Museum

Celebrating your birthday at BELVUE means playing, learning and fun. You're sure to have an unforgettable afternoon with a delicious snack!

Educational service

A workshop on politics? A hands-on exhibition about democracy? A pedagogical dossier about our colonial past? Check out our offer!