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Due to the current health situation this workshop is only available in the classroom or online until further notice. The manual is only available in Dutch and French. 
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Democracity workshop is a role-playing game: the participants, in small groups, form a political party and draw up a programme. By discussing and arguing with the other parties, the participants build a city. They have to defend their priorities and take into account the budgetary realities. Everyone therefore experiences the constraints and challenges of representative democracy, while at the same time learning more about the functioning of our institutions.

Practical information

Democracity exists in several versions

Democracity in the BELvue 

After the role play Democracity, the students are given a concrete interpretation with a visit to a parliament (Flemish Parliament, Federal Parliament or Brussels Parliament). The workshop takes place in BELvue.

Lunch: there is no room in BELvue for lunch. If there is room, you can reserve a room at the BIP - Brussels Info Square (across the street from the BELvue museum) for a fee (€0.50/pupil). Booking: [email protected]

Democracity upon request

The workshop has a duration of half a day and does not include a visit to a parliament. It can be combined with another activity in BELvue or in Brussels and can be booked on request. 

To request and reserve the available dates, please fill in the request form

Democracity for classes of exceptional education

This workshop is available for all types of exceptional education. Democracity has been specially adapted to these students. The workshop takes half a day and continues in BELvue or at your school.

To book this workshop you must contact the educational service directly: Olivier Van Doorne

Playbox Democracity 

Democracity is also available in the form of a playbox. More info

All that is necessary (the worksheets for the students, the manual for the teacher) to play Democracity yourself. The playbox can be used by classes as well as by associations (trade unions, non-profit organisations, socio-cultural organisations), youth clubs and youth movements.

The box comes with a manual in three languages (Dutch - French - German).

"Democracity" can be ordered for €25:

1. By sending an e-mail to [email protected]
2. In the museum shop of the BELvue - Place des Palais 7 - 1000 Brussels

Democracity in you city 

No possibility to come to Brussels? Democracity is coming to you! Democracity is available in a mobile form. At the request of a city or town, our animators will host the workshops. Training sessions can also be organised for your pedagogical team. 

To obtain more information and make a reservation, please contact the educational service directly: Olivier Van Doorne.