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Visiting the BELvue during the NT2 Museum Weeks

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04/03/24 - 22/03/24

Free during the NT2 Museum Weeks

1h 30min.

BELvue Museum

ATTENTION: THIS EVENT ONLY TAKES PLACE IN DUTCH. On the road with Zeno is to be reserved in our webshop. "Twee (t)huizen, een museum" is to be reserved via FMDO ([email protected] or on : +32 (0)470 51 13 83).

On the Road with Zeno during the NT2 Museum Weeks

Discover a customized version of our game tour 'On the Road with Zeno' and embark on a journey to explore Belgium and its history in an entirely new way. During the NT2 Museum Weeks, people starting at language level 1.1 can participate on 10 occasions, each time is without a guide.

Twee (t)huizen, een museum

Explore the BELvue Museum in a different way: through the eyes of Leila, Saad, Ikram, or one of their colleagues from Twee (t)huizen, een museum.

BELvue collaborates with FMDO to guide various people with a migration background and share their life stories across different themes of BELvue. The guides have learned Dutch themselves and each tells their incredible, moving, and sometimes extraordinary story until they arrive in their new country, their second home, Belgium. They draw parallels and highlight the differences they notice. Each guide testifies from their personal experience, making each tour unique. The BELvue offers 15 guided walks with FMDO's Twee (t)huizen, een museum, from language level 2.1.

Get to know our guides!


Leila worked as a radio editor and teacher in Georgia during the Cold War, which was then part of the Soviet Union. She lived there in a religious minority group of Yezidi and shares how the end of the communist climate changed her situation. She takes you through the halls of democracy, migration, pluralism, and language.


Saad is from Syria. He talks about the journey he has taken from Syria to Belgium. He guides you through the halls of democracy, migration, pluralism, and language.


Ikram is from Molenbeek. She works in Brussels as a teacher of Islam and history. In the museum, she guides you through the history of Belgium and Morocco, choosing the halls of democracy, language, and pluralism.

The team is reinforced by Jürgen, Sepideh, Inga, Selçuk, and Fatma.