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Mimi & Momo for schools

E Crooy Family Day 055

min. 10 max. 24


45 min


1ste - 3de kleuterklas

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Let's join Mimi & Momo on an adventure through Belgium and its history to find the hidden objects in the museum.

Momo, on the other hand, only knows black, yellow and red. Can you show him all the colours?

Once Momo has an idea of the colours, we can explore the museum together. We will look for objects that are important to the history of Belgium. Maybe we will find an ancient coin from the time of the Romans, a painting by a famous Flemish artist, or even a replica of the Atomium.

As we walk through the museum, Mimi will help us find the objects. We can feel the objects, look at them and learn from them. Maybe we can even discover some interesting facts about Belgium's history!

Let's go on an adventure together and discover Belgium's hidden treasures. Mimi and Momo will surely be happy with your help!

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