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Royal Mission

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Min. 12, Max.25



1830: Belgium is born! But who will represent the country? From Leopold I to Philippe, the kings of Belgium tell their story(s). Who were they and what role did they play? In small groups, the pupils discover the history of the Belgian monarchy with the help of puppets.

Practical information

    • Visit for pupils from 4th primary to 2nd secondary.
    • This tour is self-guided, without a guide or museum staff.
    • It is absolutely necessary to prepare yourself in advance for this visit. As you will be acting as a guide during the visit, it is important that you are familiar with the content of the activity.
    • Don’t forget to print out the documents that the pupils will use during the visit (king cards), otherwise the pupils will not be able to do the visit.

Pedagogical tools

Available in Dutch or French.