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Guided tours exhibition “Looking for...THE END OF THE WORLD!”


19/11/23 & 04/02/24



1 hour

BELvue Museum

Reservation is mandatory for everyone.

On the occasion of the temporary exhibition Looking for... THE END OF THE WORLD! A climate expedition aboard the 'Belgica'" the BELvue museum is organizing free guided visits on 19 November. The tours take place on November 19 and February 4, in English at 4.30 p.m., in Dutch at 2.30 p.m. and in French at 3.30 p.m.

Exactly 125 years have passed since the departure of the first Belgian expedition to Antarctica – the scientific adventure aboard the ‘Belgica’. This is why the King Baudouin Foundation is offering the public of the BELvue museum the opportunity to embark on a climate expedition that focusses not only on the historical voyage but also on the present and future of Antarctica as well as a planet that is gradually reaching the limits of its resources. The exhibition offers a hopeful perspective and highlights how everyone can implement a new lifestyle towards a more sustainable world.

The whale, being the center of the exhibition, offers perspective on environmental challenges. Let yourself be convinced to become a real whale ambassador, listen to an Antarctic weather forecast hosted by Jill Peeters and enjoy a unique insight into the story that started it all, the expedition led by Adrien de Gerlache. In collaboration with vzw de Gerlache Polar Memory, unique pieces from the crew aboard the ship ‘the Belgica’ are on display. The exhibition was conceived by Jill Peeters, geographer, ‘Climate Awareness’ specialist and weather forecaster at VTM and realized in a scenography by Pièce Montée. Fancy exploring it together with a professional guide? Then cast off the ropes, hoist anchor and set sail for the BELvue museum!

You can visit the exhibition on your own or with a guide during one of our three guided tours organized especially for this event. The BELvue museum’s permanent display will also be accessible.