The Museum -Activities - Experience the carnival holidays at the BELvue Museum!

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Experience the carnival holidays at the BELvue Museum!

Wintervakantie NL 2

10/02/24 - 10/03/24

Game tours: €1/child

BELvue Museum

Are you ready for some time away with the family? The carnival holidays are the ideal moment to discover our fun game tours for children aged 3 to 12! All game tours are priced at only 1 euro per child, on top of which museum entry for people younger than 18 is free!

Mimi & Momo (3 to 5 years old)
I'm the Minister! (6 to 8 years old)
Marmaille&Co Fun Bag (for families with children aged 6 to 12)
On the road with Zeno (9 to 12 years old)
Are you our superhero? (8 to 12 years old)

We are eagerly expecting you at the BELvue Museum, see you during the holidays!

Exp Incl

Maybe you are a bit eager and want to visit the museum before the carnival holidays? Perfectly possible, because on February 15, you can come and play Expedition Inclusion, the game that brings warmth to the iceberg!

It's a cooperative and accessible game through which children with a mental age of 6 to 10 address climate issues. Everyone will have to help each other to save a colony of distressed penguins facing the melting ice floe.

In addition to the joy of the game, raising awareness about disabilities is the main goal of this inclusive playful experience. Children, with or without disabilities, discover each other's worlds. This game was developed by De Ouders vzw. Please note that this game is only available in French or Dutch.