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Guided tours on the rooftop

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10/07/22 - 21/08/22

Max. 6

5 - 15 €


Booking required

This summer, the BELvue exceptionally opens its rooftop to the public. Come and admire one of the most beautiful views of Brussels from the roof of the BELvue museum. During the visit, the guides will take you on a historical, architectural and contemporary journey. Visit the BELvue, the beautiful buildings that surround it, the Warande Park and their little and big stories will hold no secrets for you.

The visits are organised in small groups of 6 people maximum. For safety reasons, children are admitted only from the age of 13.

: in order to enjoy this unique walk as much as possible and to avoid damaging the roof, we ask you to wear flat, comfortable shoes (such as trainers) with rubber soles (no heels) and clothes that allow you to step easily over some obstacles. To get to the roof, you will need to climb a few stairs and stand firmly on your feet.



15€: adults
13€: seniors
10€: 18-25 years old, people with a disability, unemployed people.
5€: +13-18 years old, Museumpass, teachers

The ticket includes the guided tour of the roof for 1 hour and the unguided tour of the BELvue (before or after the guided tour, you can stay as long as you like).