Nocturnes @BELvue | BELvue

Nocturnes @BELvue

  • Individuals

From 5 pm to 10 pm, come and discover the BELvue in a new way, by night, with guides, on your own or combined with an extra-mural visit. An opportunity for you to (re)think about Belgium & its history, how we got to where we are today and how social issues have evolved over the years. This edition focuses on the evolution of women's rights, the motivations and ideas for change in society, and the place of our Brussels' great-grandmothers and witches in the community. What was their position at the time? What influence did this have on today's society?


·         GUIDES: Thematic guided tour "Men and women: the challenge of equality” by the historian-archivists of AVG-CARHIF (Archief- en Onderzoekscentrum voor Vrouwengeschiedenis - Centre d'Archives et de Recherches pour l'Histoire des Femmes).

o    18h-19h30 (FR)

o    19h-20h30 (NL)

o    8pm-9.30pm (FR)

·         EXTRA-MUROS: "The Brussels of the Witches: a feminist guided walk" by the tour guide Chiara Tomalino of L’Architecture qui dégenre

o    6pm-8pm (EN)

o    8-10pm (FR)

Departure point: BELvue Museum

Arrival point: Royal Park


·         PLUS: Free visit of the permanent exhibition "Belgium and its history”

o    From 5pm to 10pm (EN, FR, NL, DE)

If you would like to book a Nocturne with an Article 27 ticket, please contact us on 02 512 77 80 or [email protected].