Museum Night Fever | BELvue

Museum Night Fever

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Museum Night Fever at the BELvue is a wide-ranging, fun-packed programme. The feverish activity at the museum devoted to Belgium and its history will offer something for everyone: live music, dance, theatre, games, performances, and even a surprise for a few lucky visitors. 

So, are you coming? It will be a totally unmissable evening at the BELvue!

Here are the details:

Concerts, with VK concerts

VK concerts will come to the BELvue to offer you a 100% Belgian programme, including the best of hip hop, afro and soul music! Get ready to dance until 01:00!


  • 19:30 > 20:30 Ana Diaz (soul, jazz)
  • 20:45 > 21:45 Saudade (soul, pop, indie)
  • 22:00 > 23:00 Ekany (DJ set: hip hop, rap)
  • 23:00 > 00:00 Dj Princess Flor (DJ set: afro, hip hop, dancehall)
  • 00:00 > 01:00 DJ Kisa (DJ set: hip hop, dancehall,  R&B)

See the VK concerts website for more information about the artists.

Where? In the Atrium, on the ground floor


Dance, with Freestyle Lab

Dancers from the Belgian collective Freestyle Lab will come to the museum to delight fans of hip hop, popping, house dance and breaking with a string of performances and cyphers that will really ignite the atmosphere. Whether you're a seasoned or inexperienced dancer, it's time to show what you can do!

When and where? 

  • Performances on the first and second floors of the museum: 19:50, 21:10, 22:30 (duration 20 minutes each)
  • Cypher in the Atrium, on the ground floor at 22:00 (with DJ Ekany) and at 23:00 (with DJ Princess Flor).


Object theatre, with Susanoo Coollectif

Drawing inspiration from the themes covered by the museum, Susanoo Coollectif will tell the story of how our country came into being, of a culinary encounter between Italy and Belgium, how two dictionaries combine to form a common language, and many tales about the Manneken Pis. The objects speak to us with poetry, humour, and also truth.


  • At 19:00, 20:20, 21:40, 23:00, 00:20. Each session will last 40 minutes and consist of four 10-minute sketches.

Where? On the first and second floors of the museum


A giant memory, by Francesca Chiacchio

Francesca Chiacchio has adopted Brussels as her home town. She loves drawing and the forms of communication it permits. She's also playful! Francesca has created a giant memory inspired by the objects on show in the museum and the topics it covers. Can you find the matching pairs? 

When? Throughout the evening

Where? On the ground floor, in the room overlooking Place Royale


A mysterious machine, with Fountains of Wijn (FOW).

Slip a few ideas into the highly sophisticated FOWatron 1.1 machine, and it will print out a unique design for you.

When? Throughout the evening

Where? in the garden


A surprise, with multiBEL

The young performers from multiBEL have a surprise lined up for you! All we can say is that only a handful of people will find out what it is and undergo a truly unique experience. Has this sparked your curiosity? A clue will be given on Facebook & Instagram a few days before MNF!

When? That's a surprise!

Where? Der, we already said it's a surprise!


AND OF COURSE ... The bar of Les Filles!

Has all this made you feel thirsty? Then head off to the bar, where Les Filles will serve up soft drinks, beers, cocktails and good old Belgian organic wines!

Practical information


Presale (01/02/2019 > 22/02/2019): In participating museums, FNAC, Visit Brussels, Muntpunt, Point Culture ULB & 1000 Brussels, hostels and on the website

Museums Pass: €12 / Museums Pass + after-party: €20



Sale (23/03/2019): in participating museums, FNAC, Visit Brussels, Muntpunt, Point Culture ULB & 1000 Brussels, hostels and on the website

Museums Pass €16 / Museums Pass + after-party €24

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